Catcliffe Primary School

School Information

The information below is to help everyone make an informed decision about our school. Printed copies of any of the below policies are available on request, free of charge.


The School Day

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Term Dates

For the term dates of the 2016/2017 school year Click here

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Inset Day Dates '17/18

Monday 4th September 2017

Tuesday 5th September 2017

Monday 13th November 2017

4th INSET to be confirmed

Monday 23rd July 2018



Holiday Requests

Please fill in and return the following documents to request a term time holiday. Click here for the document


School Dinners

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Contact Details

Our contact details can be found here

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All official enquiries should be directed to the Executive Headteacher, Matt Freeston.




Click on the link below to go to the local authority's website and all relevant information regarding school admissions for both the Infant and the Junior School. If you cannot find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us at school.

Rotherham Admissions Webpage



For the most recent OFSTED reports for the two school, follow the links below.

Catcliffe Primary School - OFSTED


OFSTED Parent View

To view Catcliffe's Parent View page Click here

To see what our parents said about our school in 2014/15 Click here


OFSTED Data Dashboard

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Key Stage 2 (Year 6) Results.

The school’s 2015 Key Stage 2 results as published on the Department for Education’s website Click here

The school's most recent KS2 Results are in the table below:


Reading Writing    Maths   

School Progress Score

     -2.70        +1.6     -3.20
Well Above National Average
Above National Average
Average ⦿ ⦿
Below National Average
Well Below National Average ⦿
Rotherham Average -0.2 +1 +0.6
National Average 0 0 0

National School Performance Tables 

Catcliffe Primary School -School Performance Tables on the Department for Education's Website


Our School Curriculum

In Key Stage 1 we use Phonics Bug and Bug Club schemes to help deliver the teaching of phonics and reading, although these resources are used as a starting point and are not follow verbatim. These resources are shared with Key Stage 2 who also Bug Club to aid the teaching of reading and homework activities.

To see our Curriculum Statement please Click here

To see our Curriculum Map please Click here

To see our Homework Policy please Click here


Our Ethos and values

To see a copy of our Aims and Values Click here


Promotion of British Values

Information on how we uphold British Values can be found here 


Key School Policies

To see our Complaints Procedure Policy Click here

To see our Dealing with Incident Policy  Click here

To see our Behaviour, Discipline, and Anti-Bullying Policy Click here

To see our Child Protection Policy Click here

To see our E-Safety Policy Click here

To see our SEN & Inclusion Policy Click here

To see our Social Media Policy Click here

To see our Charging and Remissions Policy Click here



What we do with the Pupil Premium Money

To see a presentation on our use of the Pupil Premium for 2014/15 in Catcliffe Primary School, Click here

To see the school's audit and action plan for 2015/16, Click here


What we do with the School Sport Premium Money

Information on what we use our Sport Premium Money on can be found here


SEN Local Offer Statement

Information of our SEN Local Offer Statement can be found here



To view Catcliffe Primary's current board of Governors Click here


Governors' Report about SEND (Special Education Needs Disabilities)

The SEND and Inclusion team report of current SEND provision in Catcliffe Primary School can be found found here


Governor's Declaration of Business Interests

 The Catcliffe Primary Governor Declaration of Business Interests can be found here